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All students of the Institute of Chartered Accountant ,Ghana (ICAG) are to take note of the following as they register for the May 2011 Professional Examination.

1. Please note that the transitional period after the introduction of the new syllabus ended after the November 2010 Examination.

2. All students are therefore expected to fully pass all papers at their current part before proceeding to register to write a paper at a higher part. This means that even students who have only one paper outstanding at a lower part of the examination MUST write and pass that paper before proceeding to write a higher level paper. Any student who flouts this directive will not be registered for the higher level papers.

3. Please note however that, concession has been granted to students at Part 4 who still have Financial Management at Part 3. They can register the Financial Management together with the 3 papers at Part 4.

Students at Part 3 who have Financial Management to write at Part 3 and only three Part 4 papers can also combine the Financial Management and the 3 Part 4 papers if they so wish.

4. The concession however does not cover Part 3 candidates with Financial Management at Part 3 and 4 papers at Part 4 outstanding. In other words, if a Part 3 candidate has only Financial Management to write at Part 3 but does not have an exemption or pass in Corporate Strategy and Governance at Part 4, that candidate has to write and pass Financial Management before proceeding to write the four papers at Part 4.

After the transition period, candidates can only write a maximum of four (4) papers at any Part per diet.

P.K. Mensah
Examinations Manager