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Council Elections 2016-2018

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1. Education/ Qualification
This refers to the highest academic or professional qualifications of the nominee / candidate. E.g. Chartered Accountant, MBA, PhD, etc.

2. Work Experience
Here, nominees are expected to state the places they have worked and briefly describe their positions/schedule.
E.g. 1992 – 1995: Chief Finance Officer – XYZ Ltd
1996 – 2000: Chief Executive of ABC Limited


3. Council / Board Membership
Nominees should state the Boards or Institute’s Council that they have served or currently serving on.
E.g. 1998 – 2002: Board Member – Donkorkrom JSS
2005 – 2007: Council Member – ICAG

4. Achievements
Nominees state what they has been able to achieve in official or personal life
E.g. increased the profits of the company by 60% within a year
Sought for funds to build a school block for your village
Other positions in the church or society

5. Vision for the Institute as a Council Member
This refers to the strategic inputs that nominee expects to offer to the growth of the Institute during the two year period.

6. District Society
This refers to the membership of a District Society and your participation
E.g. 1987 – 2000: Member - Tarkwa District Society
2001 – 2006: Secretary – Prestea District Society
2007 – 2014: Chairman – Winneba District Society